{DE & EN} Kaiserschmarrn in vegan!

In January I was on a skiing holiday and because of my lifestyle I was the only one who didn’t had ‚Kaiserschmarrn‘ at the ski lodge. For those of you who don’t know ‚Kaiserschmarrn‘: Kaiserschmarrn is an austrian dessert, but it’s also used as main meal.I never had it before but definitely wanted to try it, so I created a vegan version! Weiterlesen

{DE & EN} basic spring rolls

I’ve seen those on Instagram a lot, many vegans seem to love them, but I have always been to lazy to actually make them. I thought it was time consuming, oh how wrong I was. They are done in just a few minutes and perfect as a take away lunch. This is just a very basic recipe, you can adjust it as much as you want!


{EN & DE} easy low-fat pumpkin curry

scroll down for german version

I fell in love with curries last year when I tried it first at Dean&David, since then I would always claim it as one of my favourites (alongside with sushi, pizza and oatmeal). People always say the vegan cuisine is flavorless, excuse me but have you ever tried a green, yellow or red vegetable curry?  I attempted to make my own curry quite often already but failed everytime. Until now. Usually curries are made with coconut milk, which is quite fatty (but good fat!). I try to keep my fat low so I didn’t have curries too often, but now time has changed. I created a extremly healthy, super easy and mega yummy low-fat curry recipe! I will definitely have curry most days now, and you can too! 


{EN} healthy vegan ‚runninglau‘ cranberry applesauce pie!

I’ve seen this pie floating around on runninglau’s blog and Instagram and always wanted to give it a try since it’s healthy and looks so yummy! Unfortunately the original recipe is not vegan, so I veganized it! I just substituted the eggs with an ingredient everyone has at home and also I made it more fitting for the hclf lifestyle by cutting out the sunflower seeds. It turned out heavenly!


{EN} healthy vegan 3-ingredient pancakes

I’ve been seeing those 2-ingredient pancakes (egg, banana) floating around on tumblr and instagram and I wanted to have a simple and quick recipe for vegan pancakes, so I played around a bit and ended up with this – perfection. Only three ingredients, and one of them is water! They’re so healthy, you could have them everyday without regrets. You haven’t lived your vegan life to the fullest if you never tried these.