{EN} let’s go vegan! #1 – vegan or plant-based?

I don’t know why you are on this blog or why you clicked on this post. Maybe it was by chance, maybe thoughtless, maybe to make fun of it, but maybe – as I hope – because you are interested in veganism and you actually consider it. But what is a vegan diet?

A vegan excludes – completely, without exceptions – all products that come from an animal from their diet. That means: Meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, all dairy products in general, gelantine, honey, simply everthing that does come from an animal. „But what can I eat then?“ here’s an easy grafic to visualize this matter for you:


No joke. A vegan diet isn’t hard at all. Most people say the transition to being vegan is the hardest part, and I want to help you with that with this new blog series. You have to distinguish between being vegan and being plant based. Vegan doesn’t only concern your diet, but also what you wear and use. You don’t wear leather, wool, fur or use products that contain animal products or have been tested on animals.

Plant based means that you just eat a vegan diet, but you still wear leather etc if you like to. Some plant based people don’t eat vegan all the time, sometimes they make exceptions like a little cheese on the pizza or whatever. Basically you can say that vegan people eat and live this way for the animals, plant based people do it for themselves.

Which form of living you want to attain is your, and only your, choice. Personally I decided to go vegan, which means I skip anything containing leather or whatever animal products when shopping. Still, you can spot my leather watch or my leather boots on my instagram. These are things left over from when I wasn’t vegan or when I was only „plant based“ even though I labeled myself as vegan back then just because I didn’t know better. Throwing these things away would be pure waste and pointless, that’s why I decided to just wear them until they are ready to be thrown away (which my watch soon is, can’t wait) and then I will replace them with vegan alternatives.

It’s your own decision. Nobody has the right to judge you when you decide to keep wearing leather etc or using Maybelline Make Up, we all did at some point and I personally think we should celebrate every step to make this world a little more cruelty free, and eliminating animal products from your diet is a big big big step.

You don’t only do good things for the animals, but also for yourself: a vegan diet holds a lot of health benefits, even though many people think the opposite. No, you won’t lack calcium, protein or b12. No, you won’t be weak. No, you won’t die of veganism.  I am gonna write more about the health benefits in my next post for this blog series, so stay tuned!

If you can’t decide between vegan and plant based I suggest you just watch „earthlings“. You can watch this documentary on youtube for free and it will show you what happens behind the walls.

I hope some of you will be inspired by this blog series to make the best decision of their lives or help those, who already made it, but still struggle with it. 🙂

Love, Kim xx

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