1. Never pretend to be someone else than yourself. If you are not into bralettes and mom jeans, skip them. If you are not into fancy acai bowls and salad, embrace your chocolate and vodka.
  2. Everything will be alright. What bothers you right now won’t even cross your mind in 6 months. Hang in there, keep going, stay positive, don’t look back.
  3. Never color your hair ombré at home. Just don’t.
  4. People lie and people will be mean and people will leave and people will let you down even when they promise they won’t. Your happiness should never depend on anybody, but it’s okay to be sad. Just know that you will soon forget about them and much better people will enter your life.
  5. You don’t need to have anything figured out by 18. Also not by 25. Oh hell nah.
  6. Boys are confusing. They will always be. But know when to walk away and don’t ever take shit from them.
  7. Enjoy being alive. Go on as many adventures as you can, even if that just means getting Burger King at 1am. Laugh way too loud, drink too much, go swimming in ice cold water, and please don’t be afraid to get your hair wet.
  8. Always let the people you love know that you wan’t them in your life.
  9. Be kind. You can be a bitch every once in a while and you for sure don’t have to like everyone, but make a point to be the best version of yourself, help people and make this world a better place. Karma will pay you off.
  10. If someone trusts you with a secret, keep it. Finding people that do this nowadays is like finding an unicorn. Go and be an unicorn.
  11. Know how to put your hair up on a bad hair day. Life will get easier.
  12. Seriously, fuck what people think. In 10 years you won’t even remember their name. In 5 days these people won’t even think of you anymore. People are so irrelevant. Only you matter. You are the only person who needs to be happy with you.
  13. Tell people how you feel. I still am not good in this point myself but it is so so so so important.
  14. Just say or do that damn thing. Stop thinking, stop waiting for the right moment, stop whatever you are doing and stop whatever is holding you back and just say what you want to say. It needs so be said and you deserve to be heard.
  15. SLEEP. you will regret staying up so late.
  16. Good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up. You get what you give.
  17. Never talk yourself down. Show how great you are and show that you know it.
  18. Know your alcohol limits. I totally suck at this but I believe this is very important.
  19. There’s no shame in asking when you don’t understand something. Stop googleing around and just ask that damn thing.

And never ever forget the most important one:

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