THE ULTIMATE SAN DIEGO GUIDE (step aside Trip Advisor, this is the real deal)

Secret Swings in La Jolla, San Diego

Oh, San Diego <3 I am not a sightseeing person. I mean, I am gonna look at them but it's not enough for me. When I visit a city I don't just want to drive to the five most over-crowded places, smile, take a photo and leave. So before every travel I google "secret spots in XY" and "best instagram spots in XY" (that's how you find the coolest spots) and "tips for XY/ XY tips" AND "best vegan food in XY". And because I love you and want to spare you this work in case you ever plan on moving your cute butt to San Diego I wrote down the actual coolest places, the best food and the best things that you actually want to do in the coolest city of the USA!

Apart from the obvious sights like the Balboa Park, Old Town, me, Belmont Park and everything else you find in the little squares when googleing “San Diego sights” – apart from the Zoo and Sea World, stay away from that animal slavery shit – there are so many awesome spots in San Diego that you might have never visited. And then one day you see them all on my instagram and go “well fuck” but don’t you worry, now you are here and I am happy to share my wisdom!

Sunset Cliffs

sunset at the sunset cliffs in San Diego

I will never understand why the Sunset Cliffs are not one of sights in the squares in Google, but alright, so I have more content here. I visited the sunset cliffs for the first time in my second months here and they took the spot as my favorite place instantly! I mean, after all my favorite restaurants of course. As the name already says, it’s best to visit the sunset cliffs during sunset. But be careful! During stormy/windy weather make sure to stay ON THE cliffs, don’t go on the lower bits, the Sunset Cliffs are known to pull people into the water when the waves are high. Another tip: The Sunset Cliffs tend to be super crowded during sunset, so if you can’t find parking directly along the cliffs just park in one of the residential streets on the left side – there are always spots free!

Greetings from San Diego Sign

Greetings from San Diego wall in San Diego

Not really a breathtaking sight, but a great spot for photos. Close by is also my FAVORITE restaurant Plumeria and also all vegan bar Kindred #justsaying. More about these holy food places further down in this post! Also close by is…

…Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

I found this place through my “secret spots in San Diego”-Google session. It’s not that secret, but definitely so beautiful! The bridge is hanging around right next to downtown over trees and bushes. Go there!

Coronado Bridge

Since we are already talking about bridges – make sure to put the Coronado Bridge on your list! It’s obvious that it is one of San Diego’s sights – and you can’t really miss it, you can see it from every highway, that thing is huge. So you will definitely see it anyway, but I am telling you you should DRIVE over it. And – very important – also BACK. On your way over all the passengers will get to enjoy the view and on the way back the driver also gets to enjoy it without potentially killing everybody while turning around – people tend to slow down enormously all of the sudden because of the view and of course “yo drive slowly, I gotta snapchat”

Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach isn’t a beach, Pacific Beach has a beach. Pacific Beach is a place. In my opinion the best place in San Diego. You can find everything here: an amazing beach, amazing sushi, Cinnaholic (aka the most amazing cinnamon roll shop you’ll ever encounter), amazing thrift stores, more amazing stores and …. you know where this is going. It’s amazing. I would suggest that you park your car somewhere along Garnet Ave – but like already there where the hipster shops are, not in the residential parts of Garnet Ave – or when you arrive with Uber get dropped off at Sushi Kuchi. Btw, if you plan on eating at Sushi Kuchi, you get 2 hours of free parking behind it if you eat there 😉 #justsaying

These two are about hikes, those are not directly in San Diego, but also not too far away. The Potato Chip hike is the easier one and leads to a rock that looks like a..well… potato chip. And that means that rock is the coolest rock and also enriches you with a great view. The three sisters hike is much harder – like, really really hard. Also it’s not an official hike so there are no signs and it’s hard for help to reach you if you are in an emergency. Definitely only something for fit people. At the end you’ll get to a waterfall that you can SLIDE DOWN and that makes up for everything else.

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