I HAVEN’T WASHED MY HAIR IN A MONTH – one month of using the no poo method

I am just gonna use this standard title for #nopoo-posts to get your attention. For the people that are not so into the minimalism-zero-waste-vegan-kinda-hippie-scene: No, this is not about shit.

Some superbrains may have noticed while reading the title that this post is actually about hair. About washing hair. Or rather about not washing hair. #nopoo – or less instagrammed: The No-Poo method – is about not washing your hair with usual shampoo and conditioner, but instead with hair soap, baking soda, rye flour, coffee grounds and apple cider vinegar. The idea behind all this is that shampoo, loaded with chemicals, pulls the natural oil out of our hair – which doesn’t sound nice and also isn’t nice.

So you rather want to wash your hair with an alternative that doesn’t damage your hair. I’ve been at war with my hair since I started toning it when I was 12 or 13. Since then it was a downhill ride. I am gonna cut out all the accidentally black disasters, my bright red phase (looked go on Rihanna, so is MUST look good on me too) and gonna jump right to my orange ombré. NO, of course that was not intended. You could exactly see how my hair was dead below my perfectly straight orange line. So I cut them off as soon as the orange grew out a bit. As many times and as much as necessary until I eventually got to the point where all the orange dead hair was cut off. It was pretty nice. And then my hair decided to fall out until the point where I only had, quote from a friend, “like 3 hairs left”. As of then it got uphill again but again what I do, my hair is always dry and far away from #goals.

I try EVERYTHING to improve my hair. I follow every single tip on google (as long as it’s vegan). I only use sleek pillow cases, I do not dry my hair in a towel, I rinse my hair with cold water after each showe, I use coconut oil as a hair mask, I tried the inversion method. Washing as few times as possible. Vitamins. Eating buckets of everything that is said to improve your hair. No-Poo is a must-do for me. And now I am already doing it since one month.

transitiong phase

Before I started of course I googled around like crazy. I read that the transition phase can last from zero to three months, looking extremely greasy and that it is hard to sit through. That scared me a tiny bit, but alright, I could stop at any moment. So I just started. And guess what? I had not a single day of transitioning. My hair was not greasy, not dry. It was clean and fresh kinda more voluminous, fluffy and looking thicker. Which is quite good for my thin hair 😛 I guess I can thank my older tries at improving my hair for that – only washing my hair every 4 days anyways, so it is used to not being washed too often. Good thing I am so lazy.

the process

There are alot of options to wash your hair without shampoo. I already named some up there ^ in the introduction. I think the mose famous and “traditional” way is to use baking soda and apple cider vinegar. If so many people use this way it can’t be that bad, so I decided to use it too. I mix 1 tbsp of baking soda with 1 cup of water and slowly (!) pour it onto my scalp (if you do it too fast it will just splash past your head). If you have really long hair or really thick hair you might need more. Then I massage it in for a short time and rinse right away. Same measurements and same method for the apple cider vinegar. The scalp is usually the only area of the head that gets really greasy, that’s why we apply it there and not in the lenghts. While rinsing the “product” gets into all of your hair anyway and cleanses the lenghts.

If your hair is colored you should not use baking soda, it pulls the color out. Instead you can use coffee grounds (for dark hair), pure rye flour, hair soap or just water. To lower the smell of the apple cider vinegar you can add a few drops of vanilla extract, but I stopped adding it in after 2 weeks since I got so used to the smell while washing and after the hair is rinsed and dried you can’t smell it anymore anyway.

experience after one month

My hair is more fluffy (which is awesome) and my curls are stronger than before. After one month I can’t really speak about big changes, I can’t say if my hair grows faster and thicker. But I really hope it will. But what I can definitely say is that it is not worse than when I used shampoo. *runs hands through hair* and IT’S SO FREAKING SOFT. A big advantage is that you save a lot of money using this method, shich you can spend on food then. #justsaying You reduce your waste – baking soda boxes and apple cider bottles are recycable, and (which is my favorite part so far) I don’t have to wash my hair as often. Alrighty, I already only washed it every 3-4 days prior to the method but now I go 5-6 days without washing (and no one notices as long as I wear my hair up on the final days). #lazychicklifehack

So far I can totally recommend it (it’s vegan and cruelty free as well hehe #winwin). It’s already worth a try considering that you can buy more donuts.

4 days after washing my hair using the no poo method

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