Ich wusste ja eigentlich schon von Anfang an, dass sobald ich den 6-Monats-Punkt erreicht habe die Zeit nur so rasen würde. Wenn man dann aber plötzlich Mitte Februar hat, obwohl man doch gefühlt erst letztes Wochenede betrunken auf der Weihnachtsfeier ist, dann ist der richtige Zeitpunkt für Panik.

always knew that as soon as I am reaching 6 months here the time would feel like it’s sprinting away. But then you suddenly reach that point in January and then it’s suddenly the middle of February even though it feels like only last weekend you were drunk at the christmas party and that, exactly that is the right time for panic. 

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the 16 best things that happened in my life in 2016 – part 1

Even though this year was shitty for the world, it was beyond aweome for me. A lot has happened this year, a lot of major changes, a new chapter in life. This year was big, this year made me grow. This year had it’s downs but these are overpainted with all the highs and all the moments filled with bright smiles and loud laughs, sunrises and sunsets, goodbyes and lots of hellos, memories that will forever be engraved in my soul. This year I got soaked to the skin with emotion, and I want to share it with you. Here’s my 2016. Continue reading