{EN} Hello, Earlybird!

It’s wintertime, that means colder days, less sun, more darkness, less motivation… at least for me. A perfect reason to start the day extra early! … um, what? Yes you heard that right, getting up early makes you successfull, wanna know why? Read below!

  1. First of all, there are less distractions. The whole world is still  asleep, nobody can distract you, not even your phone – when everyone is asleep nobody’s gonna text you, simple as that
  2. A morning workout is a perfect start in the day. You will feel energized and proud afterwards, you definitely will rock this day
  3. Just take a look at already successfull people – do you think Obama sleeps til noon? Freelee is rolling in her sheets all day? No, definitely not (okay, maybe sometimes). Successful people have limited time in their days to accomplish their tasks, so they are making more time by getting up earlier
  4. You’ll be more productive – A 2008 study discovered that morning people are more proactive. A proactive attitude leads to increased productivity, since you’re not waiting for someone to prod you along
  5. (More) time for breakfast – A lot of my friends tell me they don’t eat breakfast at home… ummm WHAT? Breakfast is the most amazing meal of the day and probably the thing I’m looking forward to the most! So get up early and freaking go enjoy your breaky!
  6. Morning people tend to be healthier and happier. That is a fact. That’s because of the link between happiness and work performance. If that’s not a reason to get up early, I don’t know what is. Always choose happiness

So get up early and go kick some ass!

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