{EN} save money on a vegan diet

It’s actually one of the things I hear most often by omnivores ‚living vegan is so expensive!‘ and even another vegan told me once that she can’t imagine living vegan long term because of the high costs. Listen to me: BEING VEGAN IS NOT EXPENSIVE. I pay less for food than everyone else in my family. You just need to know some things…

  • Buy things frozen, they will be A LOT cheaper than fresh ones, like mango, berries and veggies in general
  • Ask for `overripe` fruit, like bananas.Don’t be shy, most of the workers in supermarkets will be nice and look for it in the stock. You will most likely get a huge discount on overripe fruit.
  • Eat simple. You don’t need tofu, seitan and soy milk to survive. Drink tea instead of cappucino and replace tofu & co with more veggies.
  • Go to farmers markets – you can find amazing offers here
  • More potatoes and rice, they are usually cheaper than pasta and anything else, also super healthy!
  • Don’t get weak everytime you see a new vegan food (but if you can’t stop thinking about it,get it)
  • Make pasta sauces (and sauces in general) yourself , just blend paprika, tomatoes or whatever you want with spices or other things, so yummy and healthier and cheaper than bought vegan sauces
  • Also make spreads yourself! Those vegan spreads are so expensive and empty so fast, not worth the money.
  • Make food yourself in general – bought vegan food on the go is usually really expensive
  • Grow your own food – if it’s possible. It feels great to know where your food comes from, so go plant that apple tree!
  • Go for discounted products
  • Compare stores; some are cheaper than other

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